STOP SMOKING – Really want to give up smoking now? Usually within an hour, certainly in one session, let Phillip help you succeed without the need of chocolates or patches. Click here. Did you know that patches are reputed to be 5% successful, yet only once has a client come back to Phillip, and that was due to the fact that she encountered a very traumatic experience, and "friends" offered her solace in having a cigarette. A quick talk and she still does not smoke.

BUSINESS or PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Master powerful techniques of negotiation and persuasion, learn the success secrets of those who get to the top, the achievers, learn leadership skills. 

COACHING CORPORATE and BUSINESS – Business's often have issues that need to be resolved, new training to implement, staffing problems. 

MOTIVATION – Need to motivate yourself or your employees? Phillip Holt will install a motivation strategy which is individual as the person you are, and which will grow the more the skills are used. Join the November motivation course to be held in Milan Italy, where Phillip Holt will be teaching the latest ideas. 

BOOK A STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOW – You can book Phillip Holt to present a Stage Hypnosis Show for your function. Find out more here.


PUBLIC SPEAKING AND PRESENTATIONS – For many people, the thought of making a presentation or a public speech is beyond their boundaries of capabilities. Phillip has helped executives, actors, salespersons, people like yourself, who need to make that presentation, make that speech. Let Phillip help you now.

PHOBIAS – Fear of flying, heights, spiders or snakes, no problem. Phillip has helped many achieve the unbelievable in one session. Not a day, not a half day, but it could be in less than  one hour. Find out more by clicking here, and read about some of the people who have worked with Phillip.

Can not travel, will not travel, Phillip can come to you. Often clients referred to Phillip Holt, cannot travel due to many reasons, perhaps work, perhaps family, perhaps health. Let Phillip come to you now.